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UFC Star is willing to Fight JAKE PAUL ‘ To the death’ for $5 Million

Boxer and content creator Jake Paul won a thrilling 6-round knockout victory over former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley on Saturday. After the knockout victory over Tyrone Woodley, Paul called in Musweed and other UFC fighters such as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Both Musweidel and Diaz were watching the event at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. "Are you all happy to leave this field?" Said, Paul. "I know you don't want that. I'll take you both forward. Get out of your contract with the UFC. I'm up to them." Shortly afterward, Muswidel responded to Paul's comments, dismissing The Problem Child's callout. The UFC superstar said that they fight for two reasons, to compete with the best fighters in the world and to make a lot of money. And Masvidal said that Paul could not give him any of that. Then Paul said, "I'll give you a big offer." $ 5 million guarantees, plus a percentage of pay-per-view. This is the highest you've ever made in a fight. So now you Can't say, "You fight the best fighters and secondly you only fight for money. What do you think?" Masvidal then responded to Paul by saying that the UFC would not "let me go" for a change of heart, but that he was sure if The Problem Child increased the prosecution to 20 20 million. As long as I break them, the UFC will be fine with the fees and then I'll gladly break your mouth. Masvidal was paid $ 500,000 to show off his final fight against Kumaro Usman in UFC 261, as well as حصہ 300,000 in pay-per-view sales for his knockout losses. His fight with Usman is not only when Masvidal has received huge salaries in UFC, six numbers are also being paid for his fight with Nate Diaz in 2019. But Paul's offer of seven points per view for a possible fight is the biggest payday of Musweed's long fighting career. Masvidal suffered the brunt of repeated split decisions during his UFC career but entered the stardom in 2019 after knocking out Darren Till at UFC London. The fan-favorite then broke the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history by stopping Ben Screen in just five seconds with a devastating flying knee. Muswidel suggested that Paul should compete in the UFC with a rule that would only allow the pair to box. "Come to Paul UFC, sign a 1 Fight Deal and we can bet I can only keep the box in the cage," Musweedel told Jake Paul. He said, "If I say anything else, I will hand over my wallet to you. And you take my salary." But more than that, the No. 7 UFC middleweight is ready to accept a $ 5 million offer from Paul. Strickland said that if Paul offered him money, he would do a lot to get paid. Only time will tell who will be Jake Paul's next rival. Who would you like to see with Jake Paul?


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