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Ulanbekov's Submission Showcase at UFC 296

Tagir Ulanbekov executed a game plan crafted with advice from former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, ultimately securing a victory in the early prelims at UFC 296.

Ulanbekov, following guidance from Nurmagomedov, flawlessly implemented the plan, culminating in a vicious rear-naked choke that forced Cody Durden to tap out at 4:25 in the second round. This victory marked Ulanbekov's second consecutive win and elevated his UFC record to an impressive 4-1.

Reflecting on the guidance received, Ulanbekov shared,

“Today Khabib sent me a voice message and he actually gave me the goal to finish the fight. Take the back and finish with that move. Khabib, I did the plan.”

The fight showcased Ulanbekov's multifaceted skills, as he nearly secured a knockout early on by delivering a stiff right hand that dropped Durden to the canvas. Despite a subsequent scramble and Ulanbekov attempting a guillotine choke, Durden displayed resilience, managing to free himself from the submission hold.

However, the tables turned as the first round concluded, with Durden finding himself on Ulanbekov's back. The second round saw a recurrence of this precarious position for Durden, leading to Ulanbekov's eventual dominance and the seamless execution of the fight-ending rear-naked choke. Ulanbekov's performance highlighted not only his technical prowess but also the effectiveness of the strategic counsel provided by Nurmagomedov.


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