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Valentina Shevchenko readying for Alexa Grasso rematch

Valentina Shevchenko, the former flyweight champion, may have suffered a setback when she lost her title to Alexa Grasso at UFC 285 in March, but she is far from broken. In her first defeat in nearly five-and-a-half years, Shevchenko displayed her resilience and is now gearing up for a highly anticipated rematch with Grasso.

During a guest appearance at Friday's Q&A session at Rogers Arena, Shevchenko openly addressed her loss and the upcoming rematch. With a determined spirit, she confidently stated:

"I'm getting ready for the rematch and I know what I have to do. Yeah, I'm just getting ready. I'm refocused and retaking (in) everything."

Shevchenko's dedication to martial arts is unmatched. Having been in the sport for three decades, she emphasizes her longevity and tenacity. Her upcoming fight against Grasso presents an opportunity to prove her dominance once again.

"For 30 years, people (usually) have three careers in martial arts. But I'm still here. I'm still saying I'm the best," she proudly declares.

Acknowledging Grasso's skills, Shevchenko recognizes her opponent's strategy. While Grasso may be prepared for that crucial opportunity, Shevchenko questions whether it will present itself.

"For me, she's a great fighter. She did what she did in the fight, but she is a chance fighter. During the fight, (she is) doing not much, conserving the energy, and waiting for a chance. But actually, if there is no chance, there is no victory," Shevchenko analyzes.

Although the date for the rematch has yet to be announced, UFC President Dana White has confirmed that the promotion is actively working on it. Considering the current schedule of title fights, it is likely that the highly anticipated rematch will take place in September at the earliest.

As Shevchenko silently regroups and meticulously prepares for her chance at redemption, her focus is unwavering. Her determination to regain her title and reassert herself as the best in her division is evident. Valentina Shevchenko's journey is one of resilience, skill, and an unyielding belief in her abilities. When she steps into the octagon against Alexa Grasso, the world will witness a true champion seeking redemption and reclaiming her throne.


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