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Watch: Joe Rogan reacts to Sean Strickland vs Israel Adesanya

In an unexpected turn of events at UFC 293, the main event witnessed a dramatic showdown between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland for the UFC middleweight title. While UFC color commentator Joe Rogan wasn't on duty for this event, he was undoubtedly watching every moment unfold with keen interest.

The highly anticipated 185-pound battle took an unexpected twist in the first round when Adesanya found himself on the canvas after a powerful punch from Strickland. From that moment onward, Adesanya struggled to cope with the relentless pressure from his opponent and appeared to lack a viable response. Ultimately, it was Strickland who emerged victorious, securing the UFC middleweight gold via a unanimous decision.

Joe Rogan, known for his passionate commentary and insightful analysis, provided his live reactions to the Adesanya vs. Strickland bout during a fight companion live stream. Viewers witnessed Rogan's enthusiastic response as "The Last Stylebender" was dropped in the opening round, adding to the intensity of the moment.

UFC President Dana White has wasted no time in expressing his interest in booking a rematch between Adesanya and Strickland. White raised concerns about Adesanya's performance, suggesting that he appeared "off" and in "slow motion" throughout the fight.

Some speculate that Adesanya may have never fully recovered from the first-round knockdown and had to fight defensively to survive. It remains to be seen how swiftly the rematch can be arranged, adding another layer of anticipation to this unfolding UFC saga.


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