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Watch: The best knockout in UFC history - Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been gaining popularity over the years due to the intense action and impressive display of athleticism by fighters. One of the most exhilarating aspects of MMA is the knockout, where a fighter delivers a powerful blow that sends their opponent crashing to the canvas. While there have been numerous amazing knockouts in MMA history, one stands out among the rest.

The most widely considered best knockout in MMA history is by Edson Barboza against Terry Etim at UFC 142 in 2012. Barboza, a Brazilian fighter with a background in Muay Thai, was up against Etim, a British fighter known for his long reach and technical striking ability.

In the first round, both fighters were exchanging solid shots, but in the second round, Barboza unleashed a kick that will be remembered forever. As Etim charged forward, Barboza threw a spinning wheel kick that landed flush on Etim's chin, sending him crashing to the mat in an instant. The kick was so powerful that Etim was already unconscious before hitting the canvas.

This knockout was not only impressive but also significant due to the level of skill required to execute such a move. The spinning wheel kick is one of the most challenging strikes to land in MMA, requiring impeccable timing and precision. Barboza's ability to execute the kick with such accuracy and force was a testament to his skills as a striker.

Furthermore, this knockout made a massive impact on the MMA community, with fans and fighters alike astounded by the beauty and brutality of the strike. It also helped establish Barboza as one of the top strikers in MMA and propelled him to the upper echelon of the lightweight division.

Since this fight, there have been many knockouts in MMA that have come close to matching the sheer brilliance of Barboza's spinning wheel kick. However, it still remains the benchmark for knockouts in the sport. It is highly unlikely that we will see a more perfect execution of the spinning wheel kick in MMA history.

Hence for me, the best knockout in MMA history is undoubtedly Edson Barboza's spinning wheel kick against Terry Etim at UFC 142. The combination of skill, power, and timing required to execute such a maneuver makes it a remarkable feat in the sport's history.

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