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Who will face Sean Strickland in UFC 268?

The bad news came on Monday when Luke Rockhold announced his withdrawal from UFC 268. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation for the UFC and fans. Let us inform you in full detail that on Monday Luke Rockhold announced that he would be forced to withdraw from his main card fight with Sean Strickland after injury and is now in UFC 268. Will not be able to participate. Contacts will be made with other fighters, one of whom was Gilbert Burns. Gilbert Burns is looking for an opportunity to step into the fight on short notice. If we talk about Burns, he is looking for a fight with a high welterweight. As we know, Burns is pursuing George Massoud, Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz. Now that Mussolidal and Edwards are connected, Diaz is rumored to be facing Vanity Lock, which is why Burns is now looking at UFC 268. Burns, who is a good fighter but unfortunately has yet to make it into the top five in his division. Burns has decided to try to fill the last minute in weight class up, he requested on Twitter. "Medium weight 06 November? Sign me I fight Streakland and I mean," Burns wrote on Twitter. Luke Rockhold, who was returning to Streakland after retiring from the game for two years. But because of this, he will have to face a lot of trouble now. Maybe now he will lose his position. Although fighters are trying to replace him, it has not yet been decided who will replace Luke Rockhold. It is also possible that Strickland Rockhold may choose to wait for it to be ready. Would you like to see Gilbert Burns stepping in front of Sean Strickland?  Or who would you like to see?

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Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad
Oct 12, 2021

I think it might be Gilbert Burns

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