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Why Paul Hughes Shockingly Snubbed the UFC for PFL!

Cage Warriors champion Paul Hughes has made headlines by choosing to sign with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) over the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Hughes, a highly touted lightweight prospect with an impressive 11-1 professional record, has opted for a different path than his compatriots Conor McGregor and Ian Machado Garry, who have found success in the UFC.

Paul Hughes

Hughes is set to make his PFL debut in the Bellator Champion Series against Bobby King next month. In a recent interview, Hughes explained his decision, stating,

"I, of course, had an offer from the UFC. I'm trailblazing my own path here, and I am on my own journey, and I am forging a new journey for myself."

The Irish fighter expressed his belief that young fighters with star potential should not feel compelled to follow a predetermined path in the sport. He argued that fighters often do not receive adequate compensation early in their careers, despite bringing value to the table. Hughes emphasized the importance of fighters being paid their worth and highlighted the financial challenges many fighters face after retiring from the sport.

While acknowledging that some fighters may need to take a different path early in their careers, Hughes believes that his unique style and value to the sport warrant fair compensation. His decision to sign with PFL reflects his desire to pave his own way in the MMA world and set a precedent for future fighters.


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