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Zab Judah Believes Andrade's Setback Paves the Way for a Strong Return

Demetrius "Boo Boo" Andrade's recent setback against David Benavidez has left the former two-division champion contemplating his next move. Throughout his career, Andrade faced frustration as he struggled to secure significant fights despite his undeniable talent. Despite shouting challenges to elite opponents in his weight class, the big opportunities always eluded him.

Stepping up eight pounds to face Benavidez was a risky move for Andrade, who started strong but ultimately succumbed to his opponent after the sixth round. Exiting the ring with a sense of despondency, Andrade now returns home to assess his future in the sport.

Zab Judah, a former undisputed welterweight champion, sees a silver lining in Andrade's recent defeat. In an interview with MillCity Boxing, Judah expressed his belief that the tough bout against Benavidez was a necessary step for Andrade. According to Judah, boxing has a peculiar way of working—sometimes, when a fighter is at their peak, they are avoided, but once vulnerabilities are exposed, the offers start pouring in.

Judah predicts that Andrade may face increased attention from potential opponents looking to capitalize on his recent loss. However, he dismisses the notion that Andrade is now an easy target, asserting that the 35-year-old will bounce back and return to his dominant form.

"Boxing is funny, once they see you lose, now everybody wanna fight you. But don’t count Boo Boo out. Keep your eyes on Boo Boo Andrade. He ain’t finished. He ain’t damaged goods. I think he’ll make a comeback," said Judah, highlighting his confidence in Andrade's ability to stage a successful return.

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