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A.J. McKee's Bellator Journey: Navigating Uncertainty with a Business Mindset

Loyalty often finds its roots in the fighters' connection to a promotion. A.J. McKee stands as a testament to Bellator's nurturing of homegrown talent, embodying the essence of a fighter who has thrived within the organization.

At Bellator 301, McKee participated in his 22nd bout under the Bellator banner, solidifying his identity with the promotion where he has exclusively plied his trade as a professional.

For McKee, who has spent almost a decade under Bellator's wing, the potential sale or merger looming over the promotion evokes a mix of emotions. Bellator's possible departure strikes a poignant chord for the 28-year-old fighter, as he acknowledges the role the promotion has played in shaping his career and identity.

"Everything that I’ve built off of, everything I know has been through Bellator," McKee expressed during a post-fight news conference. "This is my home. To see it go away, it’s sad. But at the same time, it’s just all business for me at this point."

McKee's heartfelt sentiments toward Bellator underscore the emotional attachment he holds for the organization, emphasizing the familial atmosphere and the support he received throughout his journey.

Despite the uncertainty shrouding Bellator's future, McKee maintains a composed and business-minded approach, expressing his desire to continue his journey regardless of the promotion's fate.

"While I’m saddened by the potential fizzle of Bellator, my focus remains on the path ahead," McKee affirmed. "If future events and the lightweight grand prix persist, I’m eager to step in as an alternate fighter."

McKee's determination to etch his name further into the annals of MMA history remains unwavering. He envisions claiming the Grand Prix belt, seeing it not just as a championship but as a testament to his dominance in the division.

Amidst the uncertainty, McKee's resolve remains resolute, signifying that regardless of Bellator's fate, his dedication to his craft and his aspirations for championship glory continue undeterred.


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