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Alexandre Pantoja Secures Flyweight Title with Gritty Victory over Brandon Moreno at UFC 290

In a battle that left the octagon battered and bloodied, Alexandre Pantoja emerged victorious once again, claiming the UFC flyweight championship in an electrifying rematch against Brandon Moreno.

The co-main event of UFC 290 at the renowned T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas showcased Pantoja's dominance over his adversary, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the flyweight division. The hard-fought contest saw Pantoja claim his third consecutive win against Moreno, a feat that was made all the more impressive by the addition of the coveted flyweight title.

Following a grueling 25 minutes of relentless action, the judges rendered a split decision (46-49, 48-47, 48-47) in favor of Pantoja, confirming his ascendancy to the championship throne.

Right from the start, Pantoja showcased his prowess, landing a devastating punch that sent Moreno sprawling to the canvas in the opening minutes.

However, the resilient Moreno quickly regained his composure and countered with precise boxing skills, turning the tide in his favor during the second round. Pantoja's face bore the marks of battle, his visage marred by blood, yet his determination remained unyielding as he pressed forward.

Moreno demonstrated his proficiency on the ground, relentlessly seeking a submission that would turn the tables in his favor. Despite his relentless efforts, he was unable to find the elusive finish. With the final round approaching, the fight hung in the balance, offering both competitors an opportunity to claim victory. It was Pantoja, though, who exhibited superior striking and secured a crucial late takedown, ultimately tipping the scales in his favor.

As Bruce Buffer announced the decision, the crowd erupted in elation, witnessing the crowning of a new champion. Pantoja's triumph over Moreno was hailed as one of the greatest flyweight battles ever witnessed, captivating fans, and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

The victory marked Pantoja's fourth consecutive win, a remarkable feat that showcased his unwavering determination and tenacity. Victories over Manel Kape, Brandon Royval, and Alex Perez propelled him to this career-defining title fight. On the other side of the spectrum, Moreno's two-fight winning streak came to a halt, concluding his second UFC title reign.

In a saga that spanned three bouts, Pantoja's supremacy over Moreno remained unyielding. Their initial meeting during "TUF 24" saw Pantoja submit Moreno with a rear-naked choke, while their professional clash at UFC Fight Night 129 resulted in a unanimous decision victory for Pantoja. The trilogy bout, however, solidified Pantoja's dominance and underscored his place as the undisputed king of the flyweight division.

With the flyweight title now securely around his waist, Alexandre Pantoja stands tall as a symbol of unwavering determination and unmatched skill. His relentless pursuit of greatness has propelled him to the summit of the UFC flyweight division, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future battles and the reign of an exhilarating new champion.


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