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Angela Lee's Brave Revelation: A Tale of Resilience and Mental Health

In a courageous revelation, Angela Lee, the ONE Championship atomweight champion, has shared her harrowing experience of a suicide attempt in 2017. In a deeply personal article for The Players Tribune, Lee opened up about the immense pressure she faced leading up to her fight against Mei Yamaguchi and the profound impact it had on her mental health.

Lee candidly confessed, "I got to a point where I would rather take myself out of the equation than deal with what might come." The weight cut for her fight was an all-consuming challenge, and she reached a breaking point. She revealed the desperation she felt, attempting self-harm and even driving her car off a cliff, miraculously surviving with a concussion and minor burns.

For years, the story was that Lee had fallen asleep at the wheel during the accident, but now she has chosen to share the truth. Her decision to speak out about her suicide attempt is motivated by her desire to create awareness and support for mental health issues. She founded the nonprofit organization Fightstory earlier this year, inspired by her late younger sister, Victoria Lee, a fellow former ONE fighter who tragically took her own life at 18.

Through Fightstory, Angela Lee aims to foster a community where individuals can speak their truth, find hope, and receive support during their darkest times. Her message is clear: "No battle needs to be walked alone."

Angela Lee's story is a testament to her resilience and strength. Despite the challenges she faced, she continues to be the ONE atomweight champion, showing that it is possible to overcome adversity and champion mental health. Her honesty and commitment to helping others facing mental health struggles are inspiring and much-needed in the world of combat sports.


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