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Anthony Pettis Chooses Challenge Over Mediocrity: Eyes PFL Bout with Cedric Doumbe

In the realm of combat sports, former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is no stranger to embracing challenges. His latest aspiration revolves around facing opponents who can truly push his boundaries, ignite his passion, and bring out his best on the battleground.

Recently triumphant against Benson Henderson at Karate Combat 43 in a third career showdown, Pettis stands at a crossroads, pondering various avenues to assert his combat prowess. Be it in the striking domain of Karate Combat, the mixed martial arts platform of PFL, or the traditional realms of boxing, the moniker "Showtime" harbors numerous opportunities.

Yet, Pettis has a distinct criterion: the opponent must be someone who elevates his drive and determination. Cedric Doumbe, a prominent name in PFL, emerges as an ideal match. Sharing the same promotional banner, Doumbe symbolizes the kind of challenge that fuels Pettis' competitive fire.

"A guy like that gets me excited, bro," Pettis expressed during a post-fight interaction. "I know how good he is. I’ve seen his kickboxing career. Like, I would have to train my ass off to fight that guy."

Pettis explicitly delineated his preference, indicating a reluctance towards facing lesser-known opponents who lack the pedigree and acclaim of the UFC. His stint in the PFL’s regular season exposed the logistical challenges—weight cuts, frequent injuries, and rapid turnarounds—proving less appealing for the seasoned fighter.

However, Pettis envisions a potential return to the PFL's pay-per-view format in 2024. In the interim, he gears up for a boxing comeback in February, withholding details regarding the opponent and promoter. Preceding his recent karate clash with Henderson, Pettis secured a majority decision against boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round bout, showcasing his versatility across disciplines.

Pettis' relentless pursuit of formidable opposition speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence. He seeks not mere victories but battles that ignite his fervor, constantly striving to etch his name against the best in the realm of combat sports.


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