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Anthony Pettis: Embracing the Karate Combat Stage for a Benson Henderson Trilogy

Anthony Pettis, a name synonymous with his striking prowess, gears up to face Benson Henderson in the electrifying stage of Karate Combat 43 this Friday in Las Vegas. This trilogy match not only brings back memories of their iconic clashes in MMA but also marks a shift for Pettis into a rule set he feels perfectly complements his style.

Pettis, a fighter known for his dynamic striking, sees the Karate Combat rule set as a catalyst for unleashing his complete striking arsenal without concerns of takedowns or cage control, traits that hampered his range in previous encounters with Henderson.

"The biggest thing is my background," Pettis expressed. "I come from a point sparring background, traditional martial arts is where I started my career at."

The transition to Karate Combat allows Pettis to tap into his roots and the foundation of his martial arts journey, enabling him to execute his signature moves without constraints. He believes that the open space and absence of ground fighting elements in Karate Combat perfectly align with his striking-centric approach.

In reminiscing about their past matchups, Pettis noted Henderson's inclination towards grappling and cage control, aspects that limited Pettis from fully exhibiting his striking abilities. With Karate Combat's rule set, Pettis envisions a new landscape where his skill set thrives.

Beyond his personal aspirations, Pettis views his involvement in Karate Combat as a pivotal step in expanding opportunities for traditional martial artists. He emphasizes the platform Karate Combat offers for practitioners to showcase their skills without the necessity of transitioning into MMA, thereby broadening avenues for competitors from similar backgrounds.

While Pettis maintains his focus on upcoming MMA and boxing endeavors, his entry into Karate Combat serves as a testament to his belief in the evolution and diversification of martial arts competitions, providing a platform that resonates with his deep-rooted martial arts values.

As the stage is set for the Pettis vs. Henderson trilogy under the unique Karate Combat rule set, fight enthusiasts anticipate a clash that transcends the confines of standard MMA, showcasing the true essence of striking and the evolution of martial arts on a broader canvas.


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