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Claressa Shields Finds Potential for MMA Championship After First Three Fights

Claressa Shields sees her future in MMA
Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields, the undisputed light middleweight boxing champion, is making waves in the world of MMA with her impressive performance in her first three fights.

Recently securing a hard-fought split decision win over Kelsey DeSantis at PFL vs. Bellator in Saudi Arabia, Shields reflects on the contrasting fan bases between boxing and MMA. Despite the doubts she faced in the MMA community, Shields remains resolute in her pursuit of success in the sport.

Acknowledging the skeptics, Shields expressed her satisfaction in proving them wrong, stating, 

"Winning in MMA, it’s fulfilling, and then it’s funny to me because I feel like in MMA, I have more doubters than I have in boxing."

She attributes her success to her relentless work ethic and passion for combat sports, emphasizing her readiness to embrace challenges.

Having emerged victorious in her MMA debut and showcased her resilience in subsequent bouts, Shields is confident in her ability to excel in MMA. Reflecting on her journey, she recognizes the potential for championship glory in her future. She explains, 

"I have potential to be an MMA champion," highlighting her determination to continue honing her skills and making her mark in the MMA world.

As Shields navigates her MMA career, she remains undeterred by the critics, finding motivation to prove her worth with each victory. With her unwavering dedication and competitive spirit, Shields is poised to carve out a successful career in MMA and potentially add another championship title to her impressive resume.


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