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Clash of Champions Looms: Magomed Magomedkerimov Submits Sadibou Sy, Eyes Jason Jackson Showdown

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Magomed Magomedkerimov secured his second PFL championship title with a commanding third-round submission victory over Sadibou Sy at the 2023 PFL World Championship, immediately setting his sights on his next formidable opponent.

Fresh from his triumph, Magomedkerimov wasted no time initiating a faceoff with Bellator welterweight champion Jason Jackson, setting the stage for a potential champion versus-champion showdown that had the crowd buzzing with anticipation.

Reflecting on the imminent clash, Magomedkerimov expressed his eagerness:

"It’s been a long time coming. Now we have to face the Bellator champion, very exciting. I saw his fight, that was pretty impressive. He’s an amazing fighter. Now that I have to face him in February, I can’t wait for that."

In response, Jackson, while showing respect for Magomedkerimov's prowess, eagerly anticipated their future collision:

"Beautiful performance. I have a lot of respect for you but come February, we’re going to knuckle up and we’re going to get it."

Before focusing on the showdown with Jackson, Magomedkerimov had to navigate the challenge posed by Sy, whom he previously bested in the PFL playoffs in 2021.

Throughout the bout, Magomedkerimov displayed superior control, preventing Sy from unleashing his striking prowess while dominating each round. Employing a strategic mix of clinch work and takedown threats, Magomedkerimov steadily wore down his opponent.

The culmination arrived in the third round when Magomedkerimov delivered a devastating body shot, swiftly transitioning into a guillotine choke that forced Sy to tap out at 1:17, securing the victory.

Analyzing the finish, Magomedkerimov revealed,

"I think the body shot probably hit his liver. I already smelled blood in the water."

With his second PFL championship triumph, Magomedkerimov aims to add another accolade by confronting Jackson in what promises to be an epic clash of champions, showcasing the pinnacle of welterweight prowess in a much-anticipated showdown slated for the coming year. The stage is set for an exhilarating collision between two titans of the sport.


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