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Cris Cyborg Challenges PFL Boss: "I Want a Meeting in Person"

Cris Cyborg wants to meet PFL boss in person
Cris Cyborg

MMA legend Cris Cyborg recently made headlines by challenging PFL boss Donn Davis regarding their business relationship, expressing a desire for a face-to-face meeting to discuss matters.

In a tweet, Cyborg refuted Davis' claim that their relationship was in a positive state, stating, 

"I do not think our relationship is totally fine or in any type of a good place. @DonnDavisPFL @PeteMurrayPFL I want a meeting in person."

This development comes amid speculation about Cyborg's future fights, especially after PFL acquires Bellator, which could potentially open new opportunities for the veteran fighter. One of the highly anticipated matchups was a super fight with Kayla Harrison, but with Harrison's move to the UFC, that possibility seems unlikely.

Cyborg's insistence on a personal meeting highlights her commitment to clarity and transparency in her career decisions. She emphasized her readiness to fight and expressed disappointment that neither PFL nor Bellator has promoted a fight for her.

Known for her exceptional skills and legacy in MMA, Cyborg's stance underscores her value and the importance of effective communication in the fight business. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates on Cyborg's plans, hoping to see her back in action against a formidable opponent soon.

The question remains: Will Cyborg continue her journey under the PFL/Bellator banner, or is there a chance she might consider a return to the UFC? As discussions unfold, the MMA community awaits further developments with anticipation.


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