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Dakota Ditcheva Anticipates PFL's Million-Dollar Women's Flyweight Season in 2024

Dakota Ditcheva, the undefeated women’s flyweight fighter, is eagerly anticipating the realization of a $1 million women’s flyweight season in the PFL for the year 2024. After securing the PFL Europe women’s flyweight title with a commanding first-round victory over Valentina Scatizzi, Ditcheva is banking on the initial promise made by the promotion for a major women's tournament.

However, uncertainties have emerged following PFL's recent acquisition of Bellator, casting a shadow over the exact direction the company might take moving forward. While the acquisition has led to reevaluations within the organization, Ditcheva remains optimistic that the PFL will honor the commitments made earlier.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape, Ditcheva shared, 

"Things that have been floated in the air, when I signed, I signed to do the European championship, then the next year they were going to run the worlds which would be a new category because they don’t have (women’s flyweight) yet." 

She added, 

"A lot of things have changed with PFL now. They’ve got so many things going on they are just reevaluating things and seeing what’s going on and seeing what they are going to do."

Despite the uncertainty, Ditcheva, driven by the passion inherited from her fighting mother, hopes for consistency in her career. She aspires to build her legacy and continue her undefeated streak in MMA, drawing inspiration from the successes of fighters like Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Valentina Shevchenko, who transitioned from striking backgrounds to conquer the MMA world.

She highlighted, 

“As for fighters that have inspired me, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and (Valentina) Shevchenko are two females I’ve kind of watched and watched their careers and the way they’ve been successful, just because they started out in striking just like I did."

With an unwavering determination to make her mark in the MMA world, Ditcheva eagerly awaits official word from PFL, hoping for the opportunity to showcase her skills and vie for the coveted women’s flyweight title in the much-anticipated million-dollar season of 2024.


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