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Dana White Drops Bombshell on Conor McGregor's Comeback Fight!

Conor McGregor's highly anticipated comeback announcement for a June 29th fight has hit a roadblock, as UFC CEO Dana White casts doubt on the Irish fighter's return to the octagon.

Dana White on conor Mcgregor
White: When Conor is ready to fight, you know we’ll announce it

McGregor's grand proclamation on social media, declaring his return for "the greatest comeback of all time" in Las Vegas on June 29 against Michael Chandler at 185 pounds, set tongues wagging. The prospect of a showdown between McGregor and Chandler has been brewing since their roles as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Season 31.

Plans for McGregor and Chandler to headline UFC 296 in December were initially derailed due to concerns about McGregor's eligibility. Subsequent rumors of a rescheduled bout at UFC 300 in April failed to materialize, leaving fans eagerly awaiting McGregor's return.

However, Dana White's recent statement at the UFC 297 post-fight press conference has thrown a curveball. When asked about McGregor's June return, White responded with a flat

"Uhh, no. If and when Conor is ready to fight, you know we’ll announce it," leaving McGregor's comeback plans up in the air.

Adding to the intrigue, White has yet to confirm Chandler as McGregor's opponent, despite earlier hints suggesting the matchup. Ahead of UFC 297, White had teased McGregor's return this year, potentially against Chandler, but has since remained noncommittal.

With McGregor's future uncertain and his much-anticipated return on hold, fans and pundits are left speculating about the next chapter in McGregor's career and the potential blockbuster clash with Chandler, as the UFC keeps its plans for McGregor's return under wraps.


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