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Dana White on UFC-WWE merger: "I Am Excited To Take This To Another Level”

UFC President Dana White has spoken in on the groundbreaking news about the WWE and Endeavor.

It has officially been established that the WWE and the UFC will operate as one corporation in the future. For the time being, the WWE and UFC's combined assets are worth a stunning $21.4 billion USD.

Endeavor has apparently purchased 51% of WWE stock in order for this merger to take place. The announcement follows WrestleMania 39, which took place over the weekend.

"I Am Excited To Take This To Another Level" - Dana White On The WWE-UFC Merger

UFC President Dana White has previously spoken out on the topic. The UFC initially joined the Endeavor family in 2016. Seven years later, the UFC remains a hugely successful venture for the American holding company.

According to White, the inclusion of WWE is a highly intriguing potential given the company's overall success over the last seven years.

White believes that this triple threat of firms might be a momentous transaction in the years to come, complementing both WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel for their cutthroat, very successful business practices.

While no longer holding an official creative position in the WWE, Vince McMahon is expected to play an important role behind the scenes as the wrestling company transitions to Endeavor.


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