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Earned, Not Demanded: Jamie Munguia's Path to Canelo

Jaime Munguia has quickly emerged as a top contender for a potential bout with Canelo Alvarez following his impressive victory over John Ryder. Munguia's dominant performance against Ryder, which ended in a ninth-round stoppage after dropping Ryder four times, has caught the attention of Alvarez and boxing fans alike.

Jamie Munguia

Alvarez, who defeated Ryder via unanimous decision last May but failed to stop him, has taken note of Munguia's performance and has agreed to face his fellow countryman for the undisputed super middleweight crown on May 4.

Jamie Munguia's respectful demeanor towards Alvarez, in contrast to David Benavidez's more aggressive approach, has played a significant role in securing the fight. Alvarez has praised Munguia's discipline and power, noting that he is a fighter who can give fans the show they deserve.

While Benavidez has been vocal about his desire to fight Alvarez and has criticized him for not taking the fight, Munguia has approached the matchup with humility and respect. He sees the fight as an opportunity to follow in Alvarez's footsteps and become a source of pride for Mexicans around the world.

"I used to say when I was coming up in the sport that I want to be like him, and now we get a chance to face him and hopefully be where he is soon," said Munguia. "The respect between us is mutual. We want to be a source of pride not just for Mexicans in Mexico, but those all around the world who are expecting a great fight."

The matchup between Alvarez and Munguia promises to be an exciting one, with both fighters eager to prove themselves in the ring. Munguia may not be bowing before the throne or kissing the ring of Alvarez, but he is determined to give his best and push Alvarez to his limits come fight night.


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