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Eddie Hearn Urges UFC: Pay 'Whatever it Costs' to Bring Conor McGregor Back

Eddie Hearn urges UFC
Eddie Hearn with Conor McGregor

Eddie Hearn, a prominent figure in combat sports promotion, advocates for the UFC to spare no expense in bringing Conor McGregor back into the octagon, emphasizing McGregor's unparalleled ability to elevate the sport's excitement and business prospects.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Hearn stressed the significance of McGregor's potential return, citing the Irish superstar's undeniable impact on UFC's viewership, pay-per-view sales, and overall business vitality. Conor McGregor and UFC underscore the central focus of Hearn's message, highlighting the magnitude of McGregor's influence in the realm of mixed martial arts.

While UFC CEO Dana White has expressed skepticism regarding McGregor's comeback, suggesting that McGregor is content with his financial standing, Hearn remains convinced of McGregor's desire to compete. Drawing from his extensive experience in sports promotion, Hearn emphasizes the importance of prioritizing McGregor's return, even if it means making financial concessions to secure his participation.

Acknowledging McGregor's reputation as a shrewd negotiator and his status as one of the sport's biggest draws, Hearn emphasizes the intangible benefits of McGregor's presence in UFC events. Despite the challenges inherent in negotiating with McGregor, Hearn remains steadfast in his belief that McGregor's return would be a boon for the sport and the UFC brand.

Ultimately, Hearn sees McGregor's potential comeback as a strategic investment in UFC's future success, echoing the sentiment that the rewards far outweigh the costs. As discussions surrounding McGregor's return continue to unfold, Hearn's advocacy serves as a reminder of the transformative impact McGregor has had on the sport and the excitement his return would generate among fans worldwide.


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