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How much did CM Punk Earn for his UFC Fight

According to Zuffa documents that were recently made public, CM Punk got a huge paycheck for his first Octagon appearance in 2016. One of the hot topics in the MMA world right now is fighter pay. With the anti-trust lawsuit likely going to court, things are getting more interesting. In the last few days, MMA fans have learned some surprising numbers through social media. Those numbers include the earnings of various fighters, such as CM Punk.

As many people are aware, former WWE & AEW champion CM Punk switched from pro wrestling to mixed martial arts after he quit WWE. Sadly, he failed to win in either of his Octagon fights. Still, he seemed to make a lot of money, as per this report from Bloody Elbow.

“CM Punk earned $1,042,736 for his UFC defeat to Mickey Gall, based on Zuffa documents obtained by Bloody Elbow.”

It has been known for a long time that CM Punk is a big MMA fan. He has been very involved in the sport for a while, from fighting to commentating.

However, he could not turn that into success in the cage, but some would say that does not matter at this point. After all, he managed to walk away with over $1 million in a performance that saw him lose by submission to Mickey Gall at UFC 203


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