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Ian Machado Garry Challenges Colby Covington to 'I Quit' Match

Ian Machado Garry has escalated his feud with Colby Covington to WWE levels, with both fighters exchanging personal insults. Covington, known for his controversial remarks, has stooped to calling Garry a derogatory term and recently made disparaging comments about Garry's wife in a video.

Ian Machado Garry

In response, Garry issued a challenge to Covington in true WWE fashion, proposing an "I Quit" match. In a video posted on Instagram, Garry rebuked Covington's attempts to dictate his actions and criticized Covington's disrespectful comments about his wife. Garry emphasized that he, not Covington, is the focus of their upcoming fight and highlighted Covington's underwhelming UFC record.

"Why should I fight you, Colby? I can think of one reason," Garry stated. "I challenge you to an 'I Quit' match, where one of us has to say, 'I quit. 'And whoever says the words, 'I quit,' has to retire, gloves off, center of the Octagon."

Garry, who recently secured a split decision victory against Geoff Neal, currently holds the number seven spot in the official UFC welterweight rankings, while Covington sits at number four. Garry's challenge adds a new layer of intensity to their upcoming clash, promising a showdown that could potentially reshape the landscape of the UFC welterweight division.


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