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Intense Showdown: Joy Ghosh vs. Denis Anikanov in BFL Bare Knuckle Tournament Ends in Draw

Updated: May 12

Joy Ghosh vs. Denis Anikanov - BFL
Joy Ghosh vs. Denis Anikanov

In a thrilling match-up at the Best Fist League (BFL) Bare Knuckle Tournament, Joy Ghosh from India faced off against Denis Anikanov from Russia in a battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

From the outset, Ghosh displayed aggression, launching attacks early in the first round. His punches trapped Anikanov, momentarily dominating the fight until an interruption by the referee due to Anikanov's positioning near the ring ropes. Despite the pause, Ghosh continued to assert control, landing powerful hits on Anikonov's face and establishing himself as the favorite for victory.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Ghosh maintained his confidence, urging Anikanov to take the initiative. Both fighters adopted defensive strategies, with Ghosh landing impactful body shots. His control over the round further solidified his lead, leaving Anikanov in need of a decisive knockout in the upcoming third round to turn the tide.

Entering the final round, Ghosh intensified his assault with a series of body shots, regaining momentum. Anikanov struggled to make an impact and absorbed another blow to the face from Ghosh. Despite a late surge from Anikanov, Ghosh skillfully evaded punches, preserving his lead.

However, the match ended in a draw, much to Ghosh's disappointment, leading him to swiftly exit the ring. The closely contested battle showcased Ghosh's aggression and Anikanov's resilience, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their future matchups.

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What is this nonsense? Gosh bought an article from you? I was in the hall and didn't notice any aggression or pressure on his part. I got the impression that he, on the contrary, did not want to fight, but just fought back when Anikanov approached him

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