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Jon Jones Stands Firm on Stipe Miocic Fight, Dismisses Tom Aspinall Hype Train

Jon Jones Stands Firm on Stipe Miocic Fight
Jon Jones (right), Stipe Miocic (left)

In a recent series of Twitter messages, Jon Jones reaffirmed his decision to prioritize a fight against Stipe Miocic over potential matchups with emerging contender Tom Aspinall, shedding light on his unwavering focus and commitment to his original plans.

Jones, who was originally slated to face Miocic at UFC 295 before an injury sidelined him, remains resolute despite calls for him to shift his attention to Aspinall, the interim UFC heavyweight champion following his swift victory over Sergei Pavlovich.

"I'm in the middle of a pretty clear decision," Jones stated. "Stick to exact and original plans, and fight the man with all the accolades or completely disregard all of the Stipe training I've put in and fight another potential hype train that may not even be around in three years."

The injury-induced delay in Jones' return prompted the introduction of an interim title, sparking discussions about the division's trajectory and title challenges. Jones expressed understanding of the UFC's decision but also voiced his disagreement, citing the confusion it created among fans and the shadow it cast over his anticipated bout with Miocic.

Amidst speculations about his future post-Miocic, Jones emphasized his focus on the present, debunking notions of fear towards Aspinall and highlighting his commitment to his legacy and goals within the sport.

While Aspinall has expressed readiness to stay active, Jones questioned the wisdom of waiting for a title unification bout rather than facing the next contender in line, emphasizing the importance of keeping the division active and competitive.

As discussions around the heavyweight division's direction continue, fans eagerly anticipate Jones' return to action against Miocic, with potential timelines pointing towards late 2023 for the anticipated clash.


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