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Yoel Romero vs. Owen Livesey: Grappling Giants Collide at Polaris 28

Yoel Romero vs. Owen Livesey
Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero, known for his explosive athleticism and Olympic wrestling background, is set to showcase his grappling prowess in an intriguing matchup against Commonwealth Judo champion Owen Livesey at Polaris 28.

The openweight submission grappling match, scheduled for June 15 in Doncaster, England, has sparked excitement among fans of both wrestling and judo, as two elite athletes from different disciplines come together in a test of skill and technique.

Romero, a silver medalist in wrestling at the Olympics, is no stranger to the grappling scene. His previous submission grappling match against Chris Barnett showcased his versatility and ability to transition seamlessly between disciplines. Romero's victory via a Round 1 kimura submission demonstrated his mastery of grappling techniques beyond traditional wrestling.

On the other side of the mat stands Owen Livesey, a Commonwealth Judo champion renowned for his precision and tactical acumen in the realm of judo. Livesey's victory over former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman at Polaris 23 highlighted his ability to adapt his judo skills to the dynamic environment of submission grappling.

The matchup between Romero and Livesey promises to be a clash of grappling titans, with each athlete bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the mat. Romero's explosive takedowns and ground control will test Livesey's defensive judo techniques and submission defense, creating an engaging and competitive spectacle for grappling enthusiasts.

As the date for Polaris 28 draws near, anticipation builds for this high-stakes grappling showdown between Yoel Romero and Owen Livesey, promising a night of intense competition and skillful displays on the mat.


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