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Wei Rui Sets Sights on Jonathan Haggerty's Kickboxing Gold

Wei Rui Sets Sights on Jonathan Haggerty
Wei Rui

In the dynamic world of ONE Championship kickboxing, a new contender has emerged with ambitions as high as the title itself. Wei Rui, fresh off a triumphant debut in ONE Championship, is eyeing Jonathan Haggerty's ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Championship, declaring himself as "the next challenger" in the competitive landscape of the sport.

Wei Rui's journey to championship contention began with a bang at ONE Fight Night 22 on Prime Video, where he faced the formidable Hiroki Akimoto, a former divisional ruler and current #1-ranked contender. The clash between Wei and Akimoto was not just a battle of skills but a statement of intent from the K-1 Champion, showcasing his prowess and determination in the ring.

After three grueling rounds of intense action, Wei emerged victorious with a close unanimous decision, signaling his readiness for the next level of competition. Reflecting on his impressive debut, Wei expressed his confidence in challenging Haggerty for the coveted belt, stating, 

"I think I am qualified to be the next belt challenger. Because, as you know, Hiroki used to be the champion, and I beat him. That means I can definitely [challenge for] the belt."

However, Wei understands the intricacies of championship opportunities in ONE Championship. Haggerty is set to defend his bantamweight Muay Thai crown against Superlek Kiatmoo9 at ONE 168: Denver on September 6, adding a layer of anticipation to the championship scene.

For Wei, this delay is seen as an opportunity rather than a setback. It provides him with valuable time to meticulously prepare for a potential clash with Haggerty, focusing on a long-term, systematic training plan to enhance his skills and readiness for championship contention.

Reflecting on his performance against Akimoto, Wei exuded confidence in his abilities, emphasizing his unpredictability and control in the ring. 

"He can’t fight at my pace, and I’m always unpredictable. That is also my greatest technique," Wei remarked, showcasing his tactical prowess and strategic approach to the sport.

As discussions among fans intensify about the rightful contender for Haggerty's title, Wei Rui's emergence as a top challenger adds excitement and anticipation to the kickboxing scene in ONE Championship, setting the stage for a potential clash of titans shortly.


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