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Is Amanda Nunes Considering a Comeback to the Octagon?

Former two-weight UFC champion Amanda Nunes is considering a return to the Octagon following Raquel Pennington's recent victory to claim the UFC women's bantamweight championship. Nunes, who had retired from mixed martial arts seven months ago, was present at the event where Pennington secured the title.

 Amanda Nunes
Nunez: We will see what happens

In a post-fight interview on the UFC 297 show, Nunes revealed her mixed emotions while watching the title fight, expressing both happiness and sadness. Reflecting on her retirement decision, Nunes mentioned that she had enjoyed her time away from fighting, focusing on her family and personal life.

“I was nervous [watching the title fight],” Nunes said on the UFC 297 post-fight show. “I don’t know why, but I was very nervous. It was mixed feelings. I was happy and sad. When I saw ‘Rocky’ with the belt, I was OK. I wasn’t upset or anything like that.
“I think I did the right decision retiring, resting a little bit. Taking care of the babies. Can’t leave Nina [Nunes] with two babies by herself. So I’ve been enjoying it, too. My whole life was fighting related, so I was not really able to enjoy my 20s.
My 20s passed like that. I’m 35 now, and now I’m able to go back to Brazil, stay a little bit with my friends and family, and enjoy and see what happens.”

“I’m still young, fresh,” Nunes said. “We never know [what might happen]. We have a lot of things to do. I’ve got to figure out a bunch of things at home still, what I’m going to do and see what happens.”

She acknowledged the challenges of balancing a fighting career with her personal life but expressed her love for the sport and her continued sense of being a champion.

Nunes's contemplation of a comeback has sparked interest among fans and the MMA community, with many eager to see if the former champion will return to the cage.


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