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Is Saudi Arabia's Influence Threatening Boxing?

Former boxing champion Carl Froch has expressed concerns about the direction of boxing, suggesting that the sport is being "ruined" by the influx of money from Saudi Arabia. Froch, who retired in 2014 after a successful career that included two victories over George Groves, believes that the sport has changed significantly in recent years, particularly with the rise of lucrative fights in non-traditional locations.

Saudi Arabia

Speaking at a lunch hosted by the Boxing Writers' Club, Froch lamented the impact of money on the sport, saying, "It's being ruined by Saudi Arabia at the minute. The money's killing it." He expressed concerns that the increased sums of money coming into boxing are not being reinvested in important areas such as grassroots boxing and the aftercare of retired and injured fighters.

Froch acknowledged that there is a lot of money in boxing at the top level, citing his own experience with Matchroom Boxing, but he believes that this trend is not beneficial for the sport as a whole. He expressed a desire to speak with promoter Eddie Hearn to discuss potential solutions, but also acknowledged the inherent greed and selfishness that can exist in the sport.

While Froch did not specifically criticize Hearn or other promoters, he suggested that there needs to be more consideration for the long-term health of boxing and the well-being of its participants. He emphasized the need for the sport to not lose sight of its roots and the values that have made it great.


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