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Jake Paul and Nate Diaz: No Boxing Rematch, but a PFL MMA Offer Awaits

Fans excited about a boxing rematch between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will have to curb their enthusiasm. MVP Promotions, representing Jake Paul, has officially put an end to the rumors of a boxing showdown, but there's an intriguing twist on the horizon: an MMA fight offer from the PFL for both fighters.

Diaz's promotion, Real Fight Inc., set social media abuzz over the weekend when they posted an official-looking poster on their Instagram account announcing a supposed rematch on December 15. The poster featured bold "BREAKING NEWS" across the top in capital letters.

However, on Monday morning, MVP Promotions took to the Twitter to clarify the situation. They stated,

In August, Paul and Diaz engaged in a 10-round boxing match, with Paul emerging victorious by unanimous decision. Notably, he managed to drop the former UFC star in the fifth round, although Diaz displayed his resilience by making a remarkable recovery.

Despite the boxing bout's outcome, both fighters have kept the fires of their rivalry burning through continued trash talk. Earlier this month, Diaz expressed his interest in a boxing rematch and even suggested a trilogy in MMA. While the future remains uncertain, the prospect of seeing Paul and Diaz step into the MMA SmartCage, as offered by PFL, adds an intriguing new chapter to their evolving combat sports saga.

So, as the dust settles on the boxing front, MMA enthusiasts await the possibility of a fierce rematch in a different arena. Will Jake Paul and Nate Diaz accept the PFL's offer, and what could this mean for their ongoing rivalry? MMA fans will be watching closely to find out.


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