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Jarred Brooks Sets Sights on Ultimate Challenge: Demetrious Johnson Showdown

In the thrilling world of ONE Championship, Jarred Brooks, known as "The Monkey God," isn't content with merely basking in his triumphs as the reigning ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion. Instead, he's fixated on a colossal ambition, eyeing a potential showdown with the legendary Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson.

Amidst a string of victories over the top contenders in his division, Brooks seeks new challenges, contemplating a move up to flyweight. For him, the ultimate prize isn't just a weight class change; it's the prospect of facing a living legend in Johnson and seizing championship gold.

"DJ is the main fight, period. I have nothing but respect for him. The way that I have been calling out, it can seem like it is disrespectful, but you’ve got to sell fights too," Brooks articulated, acknowledging his ambition while honoring Johnson's stature in the sport.

Despite his admiration for Johnson's accomplishments, Brooks sees this potential clash as a defining moment that could cement his place in MMA history.

"I have nothing but love for DJ, but as far as us fighting, man, I’m here to kill you, bro. You’re literally the person I looked up to, and if I’ve got to put the sword in you, I’ll be that person," he declared with unwavering determination.

Brooks exudes confidence, unafraid of the aura surrounding Johnson. His conviction in his own skill set fuels his belief that he can overcome the odds and emerge victorious against the widely regarded MMA GOAT.

"I have plans for all of [the opponents I might face] and ways to beat them. I mean, it’s either you’re going to catch me with something that is out of the blue, like a one-in-10 chance, or you’re going to get beat by me," Brooks asserted, emphasizing his unwavering self-belief.

Unfazed by the prospect of facing Johnson, Brooks boldly states,

"You’re going to have to knock me out in the first round or something. If it’s in the second round or third round – I don’t care if it is Demetrious Johnson – I believe in myself that much. And the people that don’t believe me, you just got to wait and see."

As Brooks sets his sights on the monumental challenge ahead, the potential clash between these two titans looms large, promising an epic showdown and sparking anticipation among MMA enthusiasts for what could be a defining moment in the history of ONE Championship.


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