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Joe Joyce Eyes Parker-Zhang Showdown with High Stakes - Backs Parker

Joe "Juggernaut" Joyce, a significant presence in the heavyweight boxing arena, will be watching Joseph Parker and Zhilei "Big Bang" Zhang, the WBO interim heavyweight champion, closely. This fight, which is scheduled on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on the highly anticipated Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou event, will have a big impact on Joyce's future professional decisions.

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce: Spectator in a fight that determines his next move

This bout has additional levels of intrigue because of Joyce's past with both participants. Zhang defeated him twice in 2023 (26-1-1, 21 KOs), demonstrating the strength and accuracy of the Chinese Olympian. Joyce, on the other hand, had a victory over Parker (34-3, 23 KOs). Joyce overpowered Parker in 2022 with his size and unrelenting pressure, which resulted in an 11th-round knockout in a bout that many considered to be one-sided.

Even though Parker lost to Joyce, the public's opinion has changed as a result of his recent victory against a reluctant Deontay Wilder. Parker's talent was demonstrated by his triumph, which was a part of the 'Day of Reckoning' tournament on December 23. However, others contend that Wilder's subpar strategy and seeming unwillingness to participate had a big influence.

Joseph Parker v Deontay Wilder
PARKER DOMINATED WILDER: Few predicted the dominance Parker put over Wilder last year

Joyce stated in an exclusive interview with SecondsOut that he was rooting for Parker to win the next fight versus Zhang. Joyce expressed optimism that Parker would defeat Zhang and advance, saying he was a little smarter and more skilled than she was. His stake in the result of the bout goes beyond spectatorship; it directly affects his professional future.

Joyce has a lot riding on this match. A Zhang victory keeps the door open for a highly anticipated trilogy match, providing Joyce a chance to revenge his defeats.

But if Zhang loses to Parker, the lure of facing Zhang again wanes, possibly pushing Joyce to consider alternative choices like facing Daniel Dubois again or looking into other matches.

Joyce says, "Zhang, he's very accurate, and if he hits him with a good shot, he can put Parker down no problem," acknowledging Zhang's threat in the ring. Joyce's appreciation for Zhang's skills is evident in this realisation, since she has direct experience with them.

Joyce's career is in jeopardy as the boxing world prepares for the match on March 8th, depending on the result of Parker vs. Zhang. This bout not only sounds exciting, but it might be a turning point that affects how the heavyweight division develops in the coming months.

Get involved in the discussion and offer your opinions on Joyce's chances and the Parker vs. Zhang showdown. Who do you believe will win, and what is Joe Joyce's next course of action? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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