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Joe Rogan SLAMS Sean Strickland for 'Out of Control' Sparring Session!

Joe Rogan expressed dissatisfaction with Sean Strickland's recent sparring session with Sneako. Strickland, known as 'Tarzan,' has garnered attention for his controversial antics inside and outside the octagon, and his latest sparring session did not escape criticism.

Joe Rogan

During the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan questioned Sneako's decision to spar with Strickland instead of someone like Israel Adesanya. He also criticized Strickland for his aggressive approach, stating, "He beat up that kid who's a smaller than him streamer named Sneako, which is not a good look." Rogan remarked that Adesanya, known for his skill and sportsmanship, would handle such a situation differently, showing more restraint and care towards his sparring partners.

Rogan further elaborated on Strickland's mindset, describing him as someone who adheres strictly to a "man code" and believes in proving his dominance in sparring sessions. He cautioned that agreeing to spar with Strickland essentially means allowing him to overpower you, as Strickland does not hold back in his approach.

The incident has sparked debate within the MMA community, with many questioning the ethics and sportsmanship of such intense sparring sessions.


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