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Jon Jones Contemplates Retirement After Miocic, Leaves Door Open for Aspinall Showdown

Jon Jones during a media talk
UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

Jon Jones sheds light on his future in MMA.

Amid rumors surrounding his potential retirement, while he anticipates a defining clash with Stipe Miocic, the current UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones hints that the door remains open for a future showdown with interim champion Tom Aspinall.

Addressing the speculation during his tour across Australia and New Zealand, Jones emphasized that his decisions hinge on his performance against Miocic and recovery from a torn pectoral muscle. The prospect of retirement isn't off the table, but the fight with Aspinall could still materialize.

"The Tom fight is definitely not off the table. The ball is rolling in a really positive direction for me to continue my career," Jones stated during a conversation with Submission Radio.

Jones acknowledges the significance of facing Miocic, emphasizing the mutual respect he shares with his adversary: 

"Stipe and I have both been in the sport for a long time. Me and Stipe have unfinished business, and I think it’s the only fair thing to do."

As for Aspinall, Jones recognizes the talent but underlines the importance of accumulating accomplishments before securing his attention: 

"As impressive as Tom is, he’s not important enough yet to determine my schedules and my decisions. That’s fair enough, huh?"

While reflecting on potential retirement, Jones emphasizes the need to take things one step at a time, ensuring he provides his best in the events to come. He revealed that he was approached to headline UFC 300 in April but expressed doubts about his readiness due to his ongoing recovery.

"I only have a few more events left, and I want to give those events my all and make sure that I come back 100 percent," Jones explained.

As the MMA community awaits Jones's return and potential matchups, the legacy fight with Miocic remains a focal point, with the intriguing possibility of a future clash with Tom Aspinall still in the cards.


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