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Katie Taylor Reclaims Glory: Becomes Undisputed Champion at 140 Pounds

In a thrilling rematch that electrified fans, Katie Taylor turned the tables on Chantelle Cameron, securing a majority decision victory to seize her rival’s undisputed 140-pound championship at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, Taylor's homeland.

While one judge scored it a draw at 95-95, Taylor clinched victory with the other two judges scoring the fight 98-92 and 96-94 in her favor. Boxing Junkie's scorecard tallied 97-93 for Taylor, crediting her with seven rounds to Cameron's three.

Taylor's triumph not only avenged her prior loss to Cameron in May but also solidified her status as an undisputed champion at 140 and 135 pounds concurrently, adding another glorious chapter to the legacy of the former Olympic gold medalist.

Beaming in her post-fight interview amid the cheers of her fervent supporters, Taylor remarked,

"Two-weight undisputed champion. That sounds very nice."

Despite Cameron's relentless aggression throughout the rugged encounter, Taylor showcased her superior timing, consistently landing rapid, impactful combinations. Employing swift, hard-hitting strikes, Taylor frequently thwarted Cameron's advances and cleverly tied her up after scoring blows, stifling any immediate response.

While the now-former champion had flashes of brilliance, particularly as Taylor, aged 37, showed signs of fatigue in the later rounds, it was Taylor's consistent performance and cleaner punches that secured her victory. CompuBox statistics revealed Taylor outlanded Cameron in power punches, tallying 74 to 57.

Remarkably, Cameron, hailing from England, had remained undefeated in her professional career until her showdown with Taylor.

Katie Taylor's resounding victory not only reclaimed her status as a dominant force in women's boxing but also established her as the undisputed champion at 140 pounds, cementing her place among the sport's elite. The thrilling rematch showcased Taylor's resilience, skill, and unwavering determination, leaving fans in awe of her remarkable comeback to reclaim championship glory.


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