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Louie Sutherland: From Rugby Pitch to MMA Cage - The Journey of a Heavyweight Contender

Louie Sutherland transformation from rugby to MMA
Louie Sutherland

In an exclusive interview with Bloody Elbow, Louie Sutherland reflects on his transition from a promising rugby career to becoming a heavyweight contender in the MMA world, showcasing his determination and skill set in pursuit of gold.

Sutherland's journey began on the rugby pitch, where he was on the verge of playing for prestigious teams like Glasgow Warriors and London Scottish. However, family responsibilities and the financial realities of rugby at that level led him to step away from the sport and rediscover his passion for combat sports.

"I can’t live every day without going to the gym or bashing a bag," Sutherland shared. "I picked up the gloves again as kind of a default to go back to what you know."

Standing tall at 6’3″ and weighing over 250lb, Sutherland's athleticism and explosiveness caught the eye of MMA trainers and enthusiasts alike. His transition to MMA was a natural progression, driven by his desire to continue competing and honing his skills.

Now signed with PFL and set to debut in Bellator against Slim Trabelsi, Sutherland is focused on making an impact in the cage. With a record of all finishes in his wins, he brings an aggressive style and a penchant for ending fights early.

"I’m looking to finish people and put on a show," Sutherland emphasized. "I like to slang and bang, hit people on the chin, and put them to sleep."

His upcoming bout at Bellator Champions Series in Paris promises excitement, as Sutherland aims to showcase his skills against a tough opponent in Trabelsi. The event, headlined by Patchy Mix's title defense and Cedric Doumbe's comeback, is expected to draw a fervent French crowd, adding an electrifying atmosphere to Sutherland's return to the cage.

As he embraces the role of the 'away fighter' in front of a passionate audience, Sutherland relishes the opportunity to shine on a big stage and prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA heavyweight division.


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