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Manel Kape's Challenge: Kai Kara-France or Brandon Moreno, Who Will Step Up?

In the high-stakes world of UFC, fighters often walk a tightrope between opportunity and uncertainty. Manel Kape, the dynamic flyweight contender, finds himself at a crossroads, eager to prove his mettle in the Octagon but facing a frustrating roadblock in the form of Kai Kara-France.

Kape had been slated to face Kara-France at UFC 293, but a cruel twist of fate intervened when Kara-France suffered a concussion during training, forcing the cancellation of their highly anticipated bout. In the meantime, Kape showcased his skills with a thrilling victory over Felipe dos Santos, reigniting his passion to face Kara-France.

However, despite a UFC offer to reschedule the bout, Kape found himself in limbo as he awaited Kara-France's response. In a candid interview with MMA Fighting, Kape expressed his frustration, stating,

"I still don’t hear anything from their part. Kai Kara is still thinking about signing the contract. All this energy that was there. It was fake energy. He just doesn’t want to be there. He sees the levels. He really sees the levels with fighting."

The tension between Kape and Kara-France had simmered for a while, erupting into fiery exchanges during press conferences and interviews. Kape's win over dos Santos only stoked the flames of anticipation, but Kape believes that Kara-France wants to avoid facing him at all costs.

"He’s just a scared little boy," Kape asserted. "It’s my opinion about him. He’s a scared little boy. You can see when I spoke with him after my fight when I was talking with him, you can really see his body language. He was not confident. He knows what is coming for him."

Kape, however, is not content to wait indefinitely. His desire to compete and continue his climb up the flyweight ranks burns brightly. If Kara-France continues to hesitate, Kape has another name in mind: Brandon Moreno.

The former flyweight champion Moreno is currently without a fight, having last competed in July in a closely contested bout for the title. Kape sees Moreno as a worthy adversary and a potential opponent to keep the momentum going.

"We have to think of this option," Kape emphasized. "It really excites me, and it will make me come back to train and put on the hard work all the time."

As the clock ticks and opportunities arise, Manel Kape is poised to seize his moment, whether it's against a hesitant Kai Kara-France or the battle-tested Brandon Moreno.


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