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Marlon Vera Take shots at Sean O'Malley Over Past Drug Test Issues Ahead of UFC 299 Showdown

While Vera might not have been the first choice for a title shot, having already secured a victory over O'Malley, he remains confident about his chances. On the flip side, O'Malley is riding high after a triumphant win over Aljamain Sterling, claiming the UFC bantamweight championship.

In the interview, Vera expressed his disdain for those who resort to shortcuts in their pursuit of success.

"I read a lot about health and how to get better, what type of foods. That’s what I really dislike, and I would like to punch cheaters in the face because you can do it the right way if you live your life right," Vera stated candidly.

Referencing O'Malley's previous positive drug tests, which resulted in the cancellation of their initial fight, Vera raised questions about the significance of those incidents.

"He tested positive a few times, and you know, they call it micro, it’s a little thing, but that little thing could be because you were cleaning yourself or because you’re an idiot and you don’t know how to read the ingredients," Vera remarked.

As the countdown to fight night continues, the verbal sparring between Vera and O'Malley is expected to escalate, adding further intrigue to the already heated rivalry between the two bantamweight contenders.


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