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Mayra Bueno Silva Makes a Statement with Impressive Finish over Holly Holm, Calls for Title Shot

Mayra Bueno Silva has burst onto the scene in the women's bantamweight division with a sensational victory over former champion Holly Holm in the main event of UFC Vegas 77. With a suffocating choke, Bueno Silva forced Holm to tap out in the second round, solidifying her position as a rising contender in the division.

In a bout filled with anticipation, Holm began the fight displaying her trademark speed and attempted to close the distance for a takedown. However, Bueno Silva swiftly capitalized on the opportunity, securing a powerful guillotine choke that left Holm with no escape. Just 38 seconds into the second round, Holm tapped out, handing Bueno Silva the biggest win of her career and extending her winning streak to four fights since moving up to 135 pounds.

Seizing the moment, Bueno Silva wasted no time in calling for a title shot, aiming at former champion Julianna Pena after the bantamweight title became vacant due to Amanda Nunes' retirement following UFC 289. With a victorious cry, Bueno Silva exclaimed:

“I do what I said. Now I want the belt because I deserve it,” Bueno Silva shouted. “Nobody finish like me. I deserve the belt. Hey Julianna Pena, let’s go. I deserve this, you deserve this. The people deserve this. I finish my fights. I give a show for everybody.

“This belt is my belt. This belt is Amanda’s belt. This belt is a Brazilian belt. This is for Amanda Nunes. This is for my country.”

The Brazilian fighter showed tremendous composure and skill in her first main event, going up against a seasoned opponent like Holm, who boasts an extensive background in five-round fights. While Holm controlled the pace for the most part in the opening round, Bueno Silva landed punishing shots whenever given the chance.

Bueno Silva's victory not only signaled her arrival as a legitimate contender in the bantamweight division but also highlighted her resilience outside the Octagon. Speaking openly about her recent struggles with mental health, she shared a powerful message of hope and encouragement.

"Recently I found myself in a huge, huge depression," Bueno Silva revealed. "If you have any issues, find somebody, go and talk, reach out to somebody. The victory is always there, it's not lost. Go for it, reach out, and talk to someone."

With her remarkable performance and inspiring words, Mayra Bueno Silva has firmly placed herself in the title conversation. As she calls for a shot at the bantamweight belt, fans eagerly await her next move and the opportunity to witness her electrifying fighting style once again.


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