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Michael 'Venom' Page Contemplates UFC Move Amid Free Agency, PFL Emergence

Michael "Venom" Page, a free agent since the summer, remains a tantalizing prospect for both the UFC and the PFL, with the dynamic fighter keeping his options open as he ponders his next career move.

Following an illustrious tenure in Bellator, where Page, 36, crafted an impressive 17-2 record and amassed a highlight reel of captivating performances, the fighter recently entered free agency, sparking speculation about his future destination.

In a conversation with The MMA Fan Show, Page hinted at a potential UFC move while maintaining a sense of mystery about his next step:

"I wish I could say for certain that we have or we haven’t. Honestly speaking, we’re not there yet. There’s still a few hurdles we need to jump over, but like I said, we’re flirting."

Acknowledging the allure of the UFC and the array of dream fights it offers, Page expressed the evolution of his perspectives on career goals within the MMA landscape:

"It’s difficult to say because I think there are dream fights and a lot of those dream fights land in the UFC. Over time, things have changed. It’s a lot more than just the name of the brand, there’s a lot more to it now."

However, Page's decision is further complicated by Bellator's recent acquisition by the PFL, potentially making a move to the latter a lateral transition. Despite this, he finds the PFL's developmental approach intriguing and hasn't dismissed it as a viable option.

While Page refrains from confirming any agreements, his appearances at UFC events have fueled speculation. Notably, a meeting with UFC CEO Dana White, arranged by UFC executive Hunter Campbell in Abu Dhabi, marked a significant interaction for the fighter.

"I got to be invited by Hunter over to Abu Dhabi to watch a show over there, which was an exceptional show. It was actually the first time I met Dana. Yeah, it was still early doors, but it was just nice to meet the people that are interested," Page recounted.

As the intrigue surrounding Page's next move continues, fight enthusiasts eagerly await the resolution of his free agency saga, curious to see whether "MVP" will opt for the octagon or explore fresh opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts.


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