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Mike Perry hints at a showdown with a former UFC champ in BKFC

BKFC star Mike Perry has hinted at a possible clash with a former UFC champion for his next fight in the promotion. Mike Perry has become a popular figure in the combat sports world in the last few years.

After his stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he switched to bare-knuckle boxing. He has quickly become the face of BKFC, with exciting fights and impressive performances.

Many fighters have expressed their interest in fighting ‘Platinum’, but Perry says there is one name that stands out: former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

“I heard they are looking at November-December for a potential [opponent],” Perry said. “I don’t know if I can say it, I don’t want to get in trouble. Maybe it was the guy who fought before me last time. That’s an easy win for me. Just pay me and I’ll cut his throat.”

Alvarez fought in the co-main event of Perry’s last card, making his BKFC debut with a victory over Chad Mendes.

“I would have to lose some weight,” Perry said. "The fight with Rockhold was at 185. I liked the power that I gained from training, eating, lifting weights and putting on some weight and not cutting as much. I felt very strong. Of course at 185 there might be some guys who are taller, longer, stronger, cut more weight. I mean Luke was 205 in the ring. I was 190. He had 15 pounds more than me.
“I don’t know if I was at my best, but if I meet him at a fair weight, I heard he’s interested. He must have some grudge against me. I’ll happily send him to retirement.”

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