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Mike Perry Sets Sights on Bare-Knuckle Showdown with Nate Diaz

Bare-knuckle boxing sensation Mike Perry is already eyeing his next challenge, and this time it's aimed at none other than UFC veteran Nate Diaz.

Perry's dominance in the BKFC ring has solidified his status as one of the sport's biggest stars, rivaling even those within the UFC. Known for his fearless approach and a willingness to take on formidable opponents, Perry is eager to continue his streak by facing high-profile names.

Expressing his interest in a potential clash with Nate Diaz, Perry shared his thoughts during a recent interview on The MMA Hour.

"I want to fight bare-knuckle. I love it. I do love it. At the same time, I’m still interested to maybe put a boxing glove on, and Nate boxed Jake, and it didn’t go his way. So a fight with me definitely makes sense. I would love to fight a Nathan Diaz, but I think I win that," stated Perry confidently.

Highlighting the reluctance of some fighters to step into the bare-knuckle arena, Perry challenged his potential opponents to face the raw challenge.

"These guys are afraid to do no gloves. They really are afraid. I’m like, come test yourself. It’s good to be afraid. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I want to be afraid when I’m about to fight because it’s going to make me do even better. Be a man. My first act as king is men got to stand up. Grow some balls."

Asserting his position as the money fight and attributing it to the success of BKFC, Perry acknowledged the possibility of switching back to gloves if the right opportunity arises.

"I’m the guy. I’m the money fight. It’s because of BKFC. It’s because the show they put on. It’s because the promotion they’re doing. They’re killing it with me. We’re killing it together, but if the biggest fight out there is a fight that needs to get made with gloves on, of course, I would do it. That would be a play date."

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