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Mike Tyson Predicts Tyson Fury's Triumph Over Oleksandr Usyk

As the highly anticipated clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk approaches, boxing legend Mike Tyson has weighed in with his prediction. Tyson believes that Fury will emerge victorious when the two fighters meet this Saturday for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.

Mike Tyson

Victory in this bout will not only solidify the winner as the undisputed heavyweight champion in the current 'four-belt era' but also mark the first undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis over 25 years ago. Usyk, who previously held the undisputed cruiserweight title, has transitioned successfully to the heavyweight division, defeating Anthony Joshua twice to claim three of the four belts.

However, Tyson thinks Usyk will face a formidable challenge in Fury, citing the Englishman's imposing 6'9'' frame and significant weight advantage.

"I look forward to that fight [Fury vs. Usyk]. That is going to be an interesting fight," Tyson commented to FightHype. "I'm going towards Tyson Fury because I think he's just going to overpower him.
He's going to catch up with him and overpower him. I got to go with Fury. I think he's the best fighter in the world, especially in the heavyweight division."

Having achieved undisputed heavyweight status himself in 1987, Tyson understands the magnitude of such a feat. He also addressed Fury's previous performance against Francis Ngannou, where he was dropped before ultimately winning controversially. Tyson believes that one off night should not overshadow Fury's abilities.

"Hey, we should [not focus on what Fury did against Ngannou], but you have to understand that he is still the champion. He made that night a great night. He gave Francis [Ngannou] the opportunity, and that was just a bad night at the office for him. We all have bad nights, and listen, that was his bad night."

With Tyson's prediction adding to the excitement, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the clash between Fury and Usyk, set to determine the next undisputed heavyweight champion.


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