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Nate Diaz wants to settle the score with Jake Paul in boxing and MMA

Nate Diaz wants another shot at Jake Paul and this time in MMA. The former UFC star lost to Paul by unanimous decision in a boxing match last August. Before the fight, Paul challenged Diaz to an MMA fight after their boxing bout, but Diaz ignored him.

On Monday, Diaz reacted to a recent Paul interview on the Full Send Podcast where Paul claimed Diaz was “scared of him” because Diaz had more to lose in an MMA fight.

Diaz posted on social media, “You’re lying, I never asked for anything” and then suggested that they have a boxing rematch on New Year’s Eve and then a third fight in MMA.

“I’ll fight you in MMA tomorrow, the problem is you’re bad and I don’t work for [the PFL] idiot, you do,” Diaz wrote. “Rematch is in boxing, trilogy is in MMA, you need time to train anyway, you’re bad.”

Paul improved his record to 7-1 with his win over Diaz and recovered from a split decision loss to his rival Tommy Fury. The social media star has boxing victories over several MMA legends including Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren.


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