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O’Malley Ready to Settle the Score with Vera in UFC 299 Rematch

Sean O’Malley is eager to face Marlon Vera again and prove that he is the better fighter.

“I’m super pumped for this fight,” O’Malley said Monday on The MMA Hour after UFC CEO Dana White confirmed the rematch for UFC 299.
“I wanted this fight. It’s just perfect. It’s the right time. After the first fight, everyone was like, ‘You need to get that rematch, you need to get that rematch.’ And I said, ‘I’ll get that rematch when I feel like it, when it’s time.
When it’s time for that rematch, I’m going to ask for it and I’ll get it.’ I could’ve gotten that rematch anytime I wanted. I was like, it’s not the right time yet. Now is the right time, so I’m just very hyped for this fight.”

“I don’t want to talk him down too much, because I’ve got to hype up the fight,” the UFC bantamweight champion added. “But I’m going to destroy this guy.”

The rematch between O’Malley, 29, and Vera, 30, was finally announced on Monday as part of a series of announcements by White. The two are set to clash in March as the probable main event of UFC 299.


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