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Olivier Aubin-Mercier Seizes Second PFL Lightweight Title in Epic Showdown

In a captivating clash that epitomized resilience and determination, Olivier Aubin-Mercier etched his name in the PFL history books by securing his second lightweight championship in the World Championship 2023 main event. His valiant triumph against Clay Collard was a display of sheer grit and unwavering resolve.

From the onset, the match was an arduous battle as Aubin-Mercier grappled through adversity, enduring a potential leg injury from Collard's relentless onslaught of calf kicks. Despite this setback, Aubin-Mercier persisted, leveraging his takedown prowess to dominate Collard on the ground for extensive periods. The final round saw Aubin-Mercier nearly cinch a victory with a rear-naked choke, yet Collard tenaciously endured until the fight's conclusion.

With all three judges scoring the bout 49-46 in Aubin-Mercier's favor, he not only claimed victory but also pocketed another $1 million prize, further solidifying his undefeated 10-0 record in the PFL. Despite hinting at retirement, Aubin-Mercier stopped short of confirming it but announced a well-deserved extended break in 2024.

Expressing gratitude to the PFL for their support, Aubin-Mercier emphasized the importance of family time, signaling a hiatus from the relentless world of competitive fighting. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged overcoming adversities, particularly the debilitating leg injury that hampered his movement during the fight.

Throughout the grueling 25 minutes, Aubin-Mercier's ground control dominated the bout, while Collard's sporadic strikes and persistent resilience posed intermittent challenges. Collard's offensive barrage targeted Aubin-Mercier's legs, impeding his movement, yet the Canadian fighter persisted, relentlessly seeking takedowns.

Although speculations of a champion versus champion showdown against Usman Nurmagomedov swirled, Aubin-Mercier's break means the eagerly anticipated clash will have to wait. Nurmagomedov's suspension further postpones any potential face-off, leaving the PFL lightweight division in suspense.

Aubin-Mercier's triumph stands as a testament to perseverance and skill, capping off an intense season with a well-deserved championship victory. As he embarks on a hiatus, the PFL lightweight division awaits his return, while fans celebrate his remarkable achievements inside the cage.


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