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One-Year Suspension for Ryan Garcia: Positive Drug Test Upends Career

Ryan Garcia's career has taken a hard blow. The 25-year-old American has been suspended for one year by the New York State Athletic Commission after failing a drug test before his April 20th fight with Devin Haney.

Ryan Garcia

Garcia tested positive for ostarine, a banned substance for enhancing muscle growth, in two separate tests.  This results in his victory over Haney being overturned and recorded as a no-contest, restoring Haney's undefeated record.

The punishment doesn't stop there. Garcia will forfeit his £950,000 purse for the fight and pay a £7,900 fine.  His boxing license will be suspended until April 2025, and he must pass a clean drug test before returning to the ring.

Garcia maintains his innocence, claiming the positive test stemmed from a "contaminated" supplement. He responded to the news with a defiant message on social media, stating his "retirement" was temporary and he'll simply "come back out" after the suspension.

This incident casts a shadow over Garcia's future. Despite the setback, he remains a major star in American boxing with only one loss on his 25-fight record (excluding the overturned victory).

Meanwhile, Haney regains his unblemished record of 31 wins. He reacted positively to the commission's decision, highlighting his desire for a clean rematch with Garcia once the suspension lifts.

"Once this suspension is over, Garcia let's run it back," Haney declared. "Clean on an even playing field. Biggest fight [in] boxing."

This saga has left fans with a bittersweet taste. While the sport upholds its anti-doping regulations, the potential for a future, clean clash between Haney and Garcia offers an intriguing prospect.


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