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Paddy Pimblett’s exceptional UFC post fight speech helped raised mental awareness around the world

The main event of UFC London saw an anticlimactic ending when Tom Aspinal injured himself in the opening seconds of the bout against Curtis Blaydes. However the highlight of the evening came from Liverpool’s very own Paddy the Baddy. Not only did Paddy steal the show with his amazing performance inside the octagon at UFC London at the O2 Arena, but he also gave an incredibly moving message. Paddy realized that the post fight octagon interview would be an ideal stage to create awareness among the people, he talked about his friend who committed suicide one day before his fight. The UFC fighter was in tears inside the octagon as he poured his heart out to speak on the matter of mental health. In this article, we are going to talk about how much Paddy’s message has impacted the people across the globe.

Paddy Pimblett is on a roll in the UFC and his star power has grown exponentially especially in the past year. The British uprising star recently used UFC as a platform to spread a very important message and society already seems to have gained its benefits from it. Paddy the Baddy went on a rant about men’s mental health and the taboos surrounding it during his interview with Michael Bisping at UFC London. Paddy urged the men who are struggling in life to speak up and seek help when they need to. His speech has already made a huge impact. Number of people have thanked Paddy in the comments and reached out to him for his kind words.

It doesn’t look like Paddy is like other cocky fighters out there who are just in it for fame and money and talk senselessly to gain the public image. Most fighters use that spotlight after their win to create a hype which will boost them up financially, but Paddy turned out to act in a different way. Usually, fighters with a strong attitude don’t speak on these sorts of matters but the way Paddy spoke, it was evident that he wanted to create awareness for men struggling to speak up around the globe.

Many different MMA personalities have also praised Paddy Pimblett’s emotional speech. Megan Olivi and Jamahal Hill also applauded Paddy in their tweets:

It is a deep dive into men’s psychology as there is a gigantic stereotype that a man has to bear everything put in front of him. Men usually don’t speak up because they think it will weaken them. They feel embarrassed that they haven't delivered what’s expected of them. They think that they don’t want to put their burden on others' shoulders. Some of them have no one to talk to them with whom they can express their thoughts. Tyson Fury is one of the best examples who was a a victim of mental health issues and was close to commit suicide as well.

Paddy’s speech has caused a positive reaction inside the MMA community as well cause there are many fighters who also seem to be suffering from the same issues, there has been a certain hike in the number of men attending the mental health rehabilitation centers. Mental Health professionals have highly praised the Liverpool star for the powerful message to create awareness for the people who are struggling in their life to speak up. According to reports in England, there have been new attendees at Andy’s Man Club which is one of the most prominent mental health groups for men in the UK.

Paddy Pimblett has already blown the minds of the MMA fans with fantastic performances in such a short span of time. He has got a perfect background; he has the city behind him, he has a skillset. With all such key factors, these make him turn into a unique and elite fighter who also happens to care about the people . Although his best is yet to be seen, he is capitalizing on his moments to make a connection with people. People think that Paddy has left Conor McGregor behind who had a similar spike in his career early on. It is safe to say that Conor was to the Irish people as Paddy is for the English people now.

The UFC Lightweight has a strong personality and mindset which didn’t let the grief of his friend’s death affect his performance and he went inside the cage against a dangerous opponent and dedicated his win to his dear friend. He would have been in a worse condition emotionally and mentally if he was in Liverpool as the death happened just before his weigh in. He expressed further about his mental health struggle in a moving interview.

In the end we would like you to come up if you are struggling in your life too. Come up and get things off your chest. Express it with your loved ones or share with the professionals so that you could get help on time. We know you are important, and you can do it.

If you can relate to the people suffering from similar issues then don’t forget to share this article and help save a life.


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