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Paddy Pimblett Sets His Sights on Bobby Green Ahead of UFC 304

Paddy Pimblett is never one to shy away from controversy, and his upcoming bout against Bobby Green is no exception. As he prepares for their clash at UFC 304 in Manchester, Pimblett has been vocal about his disdain for Green, adding fuel to what promises to be an explosive matchup. Known for his brash personality and charismatic presence, Pimblett has built a career on his ability to captivate fans both inside and outside the octagon.

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett’s Verbal Assault

Pimblett did not hold back when discussing Green, whom he considers an unworthy adversary. “He’s a proper tool, lad,” Pimblett told The Mac Life.

“He’s a proper weapon. The funniest one is he says he mentioned me. I didn’t mention you. You mentioned me first. So then I mentioned you, ya little sausage.”

Pimblett continued, “Everyone talks about me so it’s all the same. He’s just a proper tool, lad. I think he’s a proper s—t human being. He’s just a proper wanker, lad. He’s saying that I mentioned him first, lad. He’s just lying. Why would I mention you? Why would I mention Bobby Green, lad?”

Analyzing Green’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Despite his harsh words, Pimblett acknowledged Green’s skills in the octagon. “He’s got very good striking,” Pimblett said. “He’s got good hands, but his chin’s gone after what happened with Jalin Turner. Jim Miller’s no knockout artist and he wobbled him once or twice in that fight on UFC 300. I think that is off Jalin Turner absolutely obliterating Bobby Green’s skull into the canvas.”

Game Plan for UFC 304

Pimblett detailed his strategy for the fight, anticipating Green’s reliance on his striking and takedown defense.

“His striking’s very good, his takedown defense is very good and that’s what he’s gonna try and do,” he explained. “He’s gonna try and use his takedown defense to keep it on the feet ‘cause he thinks he’ll outstrike me. As I say, his chin’s gone so strike with me, we’ll see what happens. I can see me knocking him out. I can see me submitting him.”

As the fight approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting to see if Pimblett can back up his bold claims and take another step towards becoming the UFC’s next megastar.


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