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PFL 2024 Week 2 Weigh-In Results: Fighters Primed for High-Stakes Action in Las Vegas

PFL gears up for another event of the year 2024
Impa Kasanganay

The PFL gears up for another thrilling week of action as fighters successfully make weight for PFL 2024, Week 2, setting the stage for intense battles in Las Vegas.

The event, scheduled to unfold at The Theater at Virgin Hotels, is a pivotal moment for light heavyweights and lightweights as they step into the octagon for their inaugural bouts of the season.

The main event features a highly anticipated showdown between Impa Kasanganay, the 2023 light heavyweight season champion with an impressive record of 15 wins and 4 losses, and Alex Polizzi, boasting a formidable record of 10 victories and 3 defeats.

All 22 fighters slated to compete have successfully met the weight requirements, ensuring a level playing field and the potential for full points in the divisional standings.

Here are the weigh-in results for the main card:

1. Impa Kasanganay (204.75 lbs) vs. Alex Polizzi (204 lbs)

2. Tom Breese (205.25 lbs) vs. Rob Wilkinson (205.75 lbs)

3. Clay Collard (155.5 lbs) vs. Patricky Freire (155.25 lbs)

4. Mads Burnell (156 lbs) vs. Michael Dufort (155.75 lbs)

5. Sadibou Sy (205 lbs) vs. Josh Silveira (205.5 lbs)

6. Antonio Carlos Junior (205.5 lbs) vs. Simon Biyong (205.5 lbs)

With every fighter ready to unleash their skills and determination, fans can expect a night filled with adrenaline-pumping action and fierce competition as these athletes vie for supremacy in their respective divisions.


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